acid rain solutions


acid rain solutions
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It took years to determine the causes of acid rain. Now that we know they are caused by pollutants in the air mixing with moisture, we have to find ways to reduce and eliminate it. The effects are too powerful and affect too many areas for us to ignore it. Acid rain is considered to be the biggest environmental issue globally at this time. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stepped in, attempting to make changes to current regulations to resolve the issues. Three environmentalists made national headlines when they climbed to the top of a smoke stack to draw attention to the negligence of factory owners in making the necessary changes.

For years, changes have been taking place to eliminate acid rain. The Clean Air Act of 1975 for an introduction to doing just that. It placed emissions regulations in place to reduce the amount of pollutants from cars being put into the air. It also regulated the exhaust put out be factories.

Installing scrubbers in factories reduces sulfurs that cause acid rain by up to 85%. They are liquid filters for the gases being built up. The gases are forced to enter a tube full of water and lime. The sulfur gas reacts with the lime, resulting in calcium sulfate being produced. However, it creates a new issue of how to properly dispose of the calcium sulfate that is created. Using scrubbers does reduce the pollutants, but installing them is very costly.

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Another way factories can reduce the amount of pollutants is to clean coal before they burn it. By crushing the coal and cleaning it, the sulfur is eliminated. However, the process is time consuming and very expensive. This is where the debate with environmental agencies and corporations becomes heated. Then the government is to step in and find a reasonable solution for all to abide by.

While the government and large factories continue to work out their issues with reducing pollutants, there are many things individuals can do to help reduce the sulfur and nitrogen oxide in the air. Conserving energy is the biggest thing each of us can do. By using less electricity and switching to other energy sources the amount of acid rain will be greatly reduced. Carpooling and using public transportation will also reduce the pollutants in the air.

acid rain solutions

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Acid Rain Solutions

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